How to Apply for Housing

You may submit an application for up to a four bedroom housing unit using one of the following methods:

  1. Using the following link, complete an online application followed by either the electronic submission or delivering to our office of the executed forms and documents which are listed and/or available to download below;
  2. Download the application and supporting forms below. Complete all areas of the documents and then return to our office by mail or in person; or
  3. Visit our Central Office to obtain an application packet and return it when completed; or
  4. Visit our Central Office and complete the application packet in our office.

Important:  When submitting an application for housing, the applicant MUST submit ALL of the following forms or the application will not be processed.

If assistance is needed in completing or understanding the application process or documents, please visit our office or call to speak with a Property Manager who can assist you.

Our documents are uploaded in PDF format.  If you cannot view these documents, please download Adobe Reader.


Housing Application Form 101

Authorization to Release Information Form 104

Background Investigation Consent Form 111

Criminal History/Sex Offender Affidavit Form 113

Income Verification Form 116

Declaration of Citizenship Form 142

HUD Form 9886

Section 214 Notice

Copy of the Social Security Card and Birth Certificate for all members of the household

Proof of Income


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