Our Staff

The Cumberland Housing Group is proud to have a fantastic group of trained, certified, experienced and dedicated individuals who make up our staff.  These individuals are listed below and go above and beyond to provide quality services to our customers.

Steven J. Kesner – President & Chief Executive Officer

Michele Bender – Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Services Division


Meghan Davis – Accounting Associate

Daniel Hartman – Procurement and Inventory Coordinator


Property Management Services Division     


Carole Moreland – Director of Property Management Services

Debra Brooks – Property Manager III

Lorri Wharton – Property Manager III

Pama Wilson – Resident Service Coordinator/Elderly

Jaime Thomas – Resident Service Coordinator/Family

Stephen Vance – Security Patrol Coordinator

Maintenance Services Division    


Charlene Custer – Director of Maintenance Services

Prentice Stonestreet – Maintenance Mechanic V

William Shreve – Maintenance Mechanic IV

Robert Holtschneider – Maintenance Mechanic III

Mike Paige – Maintenance Mechanic II

Darren Johnson – Maintenance Mechanic II

Brian Carder – Maintenance Mechanic I

Vernon Redman – Maintenance Assistant

Dave Gilmore – Maintenance Assistant

Jerry Stonebreaker – Maintenance Assistant



Housing Authority of the City of Cumberland - 635 E. First Street, Cumberland MD, 21502