Qualified Applicants

Once all application documents are received, a stringent background check is performed through the National Crime Information System by the Allegany County 911 Communications Center/Cumberland City Police.  If there is a negative report the applicant will be sent a rejection letter with the ability to be fingerprinted and re-screened.  Screening is also performed through review of the Registered Sex Offender Registry, current and previous landlords and previous participation in subsidized housing.  The Housing Authority and HUD have stringent rules regarding previous drug and criminal activity, housekeeping abilities, income reporting, unauthorized occupants in the rental unit, etc.

Once the background screening is completed, approved applicants will then proceed through the income qualification process.  Income of all family members must be identified and verified as part of the screening process to identify the total family income.  The following documents provide more in depth explanation as what and how the qualification process is conducted: 

Applicant Screening 

Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy

Waiting List Management

Unit Offers and Placement Procedures 


Affordable Rents

The Public Housing program provides government subsidized rental units for low-income families as defined by HUD annually through the published Program Income Limits.  A current chart displaying the maximum family income limits by family size for the Public Housing Program can be reviewed by clicking here.

The rent for our units is an affordable rent which is well below the market rate established for the City of Cumberland.  The rental payment is based upon 30% of the adjusted family income and adjusted for any utilities that are tenant paid. Utility Allowances are updated annually by an Energy Performance Contracting Firm.

There are several types of rent which an applicant/resident may pay:

  1.  Minimum Rent – is $50 and no one pays lower;
  2.  Income Based Rent – this is the rent that a majority of our residents pay and it is based upon 30% of the adjusted family income
  3.  Maximum Rent – this is the most rent which can be charged for a Public Housing Unit and is equal to 80% of the area Fair Market Rent as established by HUD annually for the size of unit.

A chart showing the various rents, utility allowances and market rents are available by clicking here.




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